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Hello guys,

Haven't had the 4 hours SOT that I got when I first got my 6P for a while now. Something is keeping the phone from deep sleep. I've wiped the phone and reinstalled the latest PureNexus ROM and radios, etc. - no improvement. I've turned motion sensors off for Google Play Services - no improvement, so turned them back on. Turned off ambient display - no change, so turned back on. I'm running minimal apps - mainly Google stuff, like Drive, etc.

Looks like Google Play Services is using a bunch of sensor data - I've uninstalled all updates - no change.

Below is the GSam data. Let me know what you think.

GSam Labs - Battery Monitor - Export Data

Kernel (Android OS)

Apr 3, 2017 9:00:44 PM

Usage Details

CPU Usage:51m 49s
CPU Usage (Background Only):51m 49s
Keep Awake:3h 2m 14s
Bytes Sent:561.09 KB
Bytes Received:662.24 KB
App UID:0

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abril 19, 2017 | Registered Commenterdonnieclark