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A company located in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic is looking for a Python Developer to work remote.

Job Description:
You will perform software development activities of various projects within the fastest time, optimized efficiency, maximized output, robustness, scalability, portability, and endurance of the product and/or service.
• Python proficiency, including babel, Behave, Docutils, reStructuredText, Flask, logtools, pip, pygit2, pylint, and virtualenv following PEP-8 guidelines
• Source code management using git
• celery, rabbitMQ, beanstalkd
• Unit testing using Jenkins
• uWSGI and nginx
• PostgreSQL
• MVC software engineering
You don't need to know everything on the list, but experience using said technologies is a plus.
• Competitive salary.
• Growth opportunities.
• Access to relevant learning platforms for professional development.
• Flexible Schedule.
Please submit your resume at rosa.virginia.pirela@gmail.com

julio 3, 2019 | Registered Commenterrosavirginia23