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We are looking for experienced Java/Scala developers to join our Valo core team working in Málaga in the real guts of our technology.

The role
This opportunity is to work on the core Valo technology which is written in Scala, in a very focused and knowledgeable team, on technically challenging development work.

Does working on and learning about any of the stuff like this seem fun to you:
- Analysis of streaming data
- Analysis of large volumes of historical data -billions of rows
- Clustering-CAP theorem, gossip protocols
- Distributed computation–lambda architecture, graph analysis, CRDTs
- A SQL like query language
- Machine learning
- Data storage –high performance storage, Indexing and retrieval
- Writing performant code
- Working on difficult problems
- Writing code targeting Linux, Windows, and OSX

Do you want to work on a team that:
- Is friendly, focused and knowledgeable
- Works like a startup
- Has solid financial backing

Successful applicants will be friendly and experienced in Scala/Akka for delivering complex, real-time, highly available distributed systems; feeling, and acting on, a strong sense of ownership of their work and its impact on the product and clients. They will be proven team players with the ability to listen to others, alongside developing and clearly communicating their own point of view.

We are looking for Scala developers but we will consider strong Java developers who are ready to make a move to Scala.

The work is technically very challenging, both in terms of concepts, but also often close to 'the metal'. As you would expect from a real-time system, performance is always a critical factor. A strong technical background and interest is required, as is the capability, understanding and willingness to be part of a team that tests its code as part of the development process (as well as in QA).

As a team of both aspiring and inspiring people, we have ownership of the technologies we build and continuously innovate to create something truly powerful and engaging. As you can imagine there are a lot of things we are passionate about, such as: real-time interaction with huge volumes of data and the codification of algorithms.
If you are already interested in things like Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data then you probably have the passion and drive to help us to shape the product.

You'll have the opportunity to gain deep understanding of these topics as well as teach others! Most importantly, you'll collaborate with some pretty amazing people.

You will fit perfectly with our team if you are proactive, energised and driven by a genuine interest in new technologies.

If you are interested send your CV and motivation letter to: luis@valo.io or apply via our website: https://valo.io/careers#software-engineers

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